High falootin’ bard with a snobbish attitude that would make a high elf blush, Bara thinks a bit too highly of herself for her own good. The self-proclaimed nightly entertainer of the Half Pint Lady, she can carry a tune and can take a strong dicking (although would never admit to it), she isn’t much good for much else. She has an intense rivalry with Zuub, finding her attraction for humans to be “desperate attention seeking”. This is really just jealousy of her stealing the limelight, and usually the hottest guys. Bara’s massively hypocritical feelings for humans just adds to her frustration. Since she’s incapable of being honest with her feelings, she often puts on a tough front.

Even with the ring making her go insane from lust, she still pretends she isn’t interested in sex. She also pretends she’s not interested in a well-hung, handsome paladin like Marcus. Some goblins are just unable to be honest with themselves and even if Marcus is potentially pounding her round green ass this night, Bara will still insist she’s doing him a favor.