You are MARCUS BRIGHTSTEEL. A paladin of the HOLY SWORD. Strong, courageous, and righteous in your actions. What could you possibly be afraid of? Being stuck in an inn full of WAY TOO HORNY short stacks, who are coming for you and your relationship with your SEXY SORCERESS GIRLFRIEND of course. Be careful what you loot in dungeons next time, some rings have curses that effect women of smaller stature in strange and sexy ways.
In Short Nite, a top down adventure RPG with stealth systems and mini-game based combat, be prepared to succumb to the lusty pursuit of voluptuous short stacks or fight against your desires to stay faithful to your true love. Delve into the mystery of the RING OF DIMINISHED CORRUPTION and help Marcus remain righteous, or fall to his own SHORT COMINGS in this lewd horror-styled game centered around a love of sexy dwarves, goblins, gnomes, imps, and even enchanted teddy bears!