One day, a witch traveling a long journey stopped for a few days’ rest at the Half Pint Lady. In typical witchy fashion, she decided to enchant an old discarded teddy bear to help with menial tasks during her stay. The patchwork bear came to life and happily served her master, as was Patch’s purpose. True to her nature, Patch is cuddly, loyal, sweet and, most importantly, would do anything for her master. However, the witch callously left poor Patch behind when the time came. 

All alone and without purpose,  Patch began working at the Half-Pint Lady. Cecilia was delighted to have a worker who asks for no pay and doesn’t need to sleep. Patch tirelessly does the laundry for the inn’s clients and keeps quiet about any mystery stains she finds on them. She keeps telling herself that her master will come back one day. No one would forget their little teddy bear, right? 

Once night creeps over the inn, the ring brings out a new aspect in her personality. Being simply subservient to someone is no longer enough to satisfy her. She must belong to someone, body and soul, but especially body. She sees Marcus as the master she’s always craved. Someone who would gently cuddle her after they spent the night having passionate, sweaty, teddy bear sex. She needs it. She will have it.