Marcus’ girlfriend and partner in his adventures; Zatania is a sorceress of unmatched talent. While highly confident in her powers and sex appeal, she has a wicked jealous streak. Despite this, their chemistry during battles lent itself well to the bedroom, at least at first. While Marcus was content with having a beautiful sorceress of such power, faun, and obsess over him, his warrior ways began to clash with Zatania’s possessiveness. 

On one fateful night, she caught Marcus red-handed! Zatania found him in the bed of a goblin wench, little green mouth latched tightly around his mighty shaft! Unable to accept her love had betrayed her, she flew into a jealous tailspin of magical wrath. While he begged her to forgive him, Zatania was unconvinced he wouldn’t give in to his animistic desires again. It seemed his warrior ways were to blame.

 It took many late-night arguments as well as copious amounts of burn salve on his warrior behind to come to a decision: Marcus would pledge himself to the Paladin code of chastity! She deserved a one-woman kinda man, and that’s exactly what he promised!

 However, Marcus’ past infidelity only encouraged Zatania to solidify their bond: a magical pact created between a sorceress and her lover once they reach the final stages of physical and emotional intimacy. Unfortunately, try as Zatania might to seduce Marcus into their final physical interlude, he’s been distant and quick to make excuses. Even before this, Marcus’ Paladin ways have left much to be desired in their sex lives. Zatania desperately wishes to have both an animalistic warrior for a lover and a gallant paladin with eyes ONLY for her.

 Despite Marcus’ past, his cold feet, and her resentments, Zatiana has remained loyal to Marcus throughout their adventures, always hoping things would improve by the time they completed their bond. 

 At this point, all she cares about is tempting Marcus into giving her the dicking she’s been longing for, beginning the rest of their lives as one. Their long night at The Half Pint Inn will either make or break their relationship.