Marcus’ girlfriend and partner in his adventures, Zatiana is a sorceress unmatched in talent. She’s highly confident and knows full well the body she inhabits. However, she is prone to jealousy, which Marcus discovered the hard way when they started dating. Just part of the problems of the past the two are working through. Zatania is quite the compliment to Marcus on the battlefield as he is to her, but their sex life leaves much to be desired. Zatania desperately wishes their “team work” would extend to the bedroom battles, but she struggles to get Marcus to open up. Perhaps she was too hard on him about his past shortcomings? She just doesn’t understand why I HAD to be halfling he cheated on her with. 

Zatiana does love Marcus and the adventure they are on together, but she has not received the dicking she’s needed in years. Even so, Zatiana has remained loyal to Marcus throughout their adventures, always hoping things would improve by the time they returned home, where they would be wed. Zatiana fears that he has put her too high on a pedestal the more they adventure and grow together. She misses the days when there was spark between them, and Marcus was more “animalistic” in nature.

Zatiania doesn’t want to dump Marcus, but if he can’t rekindle the old flame between them, and between Zatiana’s legs, their relationship is doomed. Tonight will either make or break their relationship.