As good a man as there ever was, Marcus Brightsteel is strong, dependable and a “gifted” paladin. With a bit of a sordid past behind him, he spent his youth as a regular knight and was keen to womanize and whore about. Be it the local tavern wench or some dungeon dwelling monster-girl, Marcus was not the pious individual he is today. That was before he fell in love with Zatania, his betrothed, and he vowed to change his ways. Alas, old habits die hard, and Marcus was unfaithful to his beloved, but swore, never again. So embarrassed and ashamed Marcus was,  he respec-ed into a paladin class and left behind his wild side. Vowing to be an honest and decent man for her from that day forward.  This left him not his true self, and uncomfortable in his own skin. Despite his good looks and blessed rod, he is easily flustered in conversation, especially when receiving attention from the opposite sex.

On the surface, he’s acting as if everything is fine with their relationship, but he knows Zatiana is becoming a bit more distant each day. He feels helpless as she slips away from him too as Marcus’ girth has been doing the heavy lifting when it comes to their love life. He wants to put his past to bed, and therefore struggles with seeing Zatiana as a carnal object, which he expects she desires. 

On this dark and stormy night, his fidelity will be put to the test as the ring brings out his darkest desires and impulses. Denying his OWN frustrations and needs, Marcus is unable to admit to himself that he’s unsatisfied with his sex life too. With these short vixens chasing Marcus all over the inn, his faithfulness to Zatiana and his righteousness will be tested.