Marcus Brightsteel, a  Paladin of the Holy Sword, has sworn an oath to be righteous, dependable, and as good a man as one can be… Whether a red-blooded Warrior with a sordid past can uphold that oath is another story altogether! With a past as a womanizer and frequent brothel patron, things have been rife with strife ever since taking up the ‘pious’ way of life. It all started with that damnable goblin wench… not to mention getting caught with her by his betrothed sorceress, Zatania. Alas, Marcus had two choices: either respec to holy or get dumped by his super-hot girlfriend. He vowed to give up his womanizing ways and swore no attraction to goblins, imps, gnomes, and the like… much to the powerful sorceress’ delight. 

For a time, things were good for Marcus and his firebrand Paramore. However, Marcus can’t keep up his paladin ruse forever, and that time is coming to an end, one way or another.  After a victorious dungeon run that rewards our Paladin with a brilliant and mysterious cursed ring, Marcus finds himself in an even more giant pickle when he and Zatania are forced to bunker down for a dark and stormy evening at the Half Pint Inn. It’s then that Marcus begins to realize what type of ‘shortcomings’ are granted by the mysterious ring.

Surrounded by voluptuous goblins, imps, dwarves, and more… interesting options… leaves our mighty Paladin with a MIGHTY problem lodged stiffly in his trousers. It doesn’t help that the magical bond between him and Zatania has been one passionate session away from being totally solidified. If that comes to pass… she’ll know his deepest darkest thought…she’ll know his every move…

… including all his wanton desires for short stacks, which are certainly NOT becoming of a Paladin such as himself.