Bright, and cheerful, although a little crude, Zuub is an unabashed lover of talls. She’s well received by the local patronage, especially when they’re looking to get their rocks off. Doesn’t matter how big a dick is, she takes it like a champ and asks for more. However, she doesn’t always strike it lucky with humans, as their fetish is not matched by hers. Striking out with the tall boys is something Zuub takes harshly every time. On those nights, she will spiral out of control and drink herself into a stupor, much to Cecilia’s and other patrons’ disappointment. She’s also terrible at remembering orders, but somehow manages to convince customers that whatever she brings them is what they really ordered. Usually with her crafty goblin wiles. 

She takes a shining to Marcus when she first lays eyes on him, then takes an even greater shine to him when the ring exerts its influence on her. Her newfound lust and the fear of rejection burns inside her. She’s not taking no for an answer this time. She’ll get some of that long paladin cock no matter what. It’s only fair for all the times she’s been rejected, right?