Every adventuring party needs a healer and Turna wants to be one of the best. Given her introverted personality, however, she’s had a lot of trouble finding companions to travel with. Most dungeons are a nightmare for her and she finds herself having a hard time keeping up with ambitious adventurers. She has been staying in the Half Pint Lady for weeks now, waiting for a new adventuring party to pick her up. Many men there have given her their attention, but she shied away from all of them, finding the interaction to be too intense for her gentle sensibilities. She would rather bury her nose in a book, afraid pleasures of the flesh will ultimately distract her from becoming a great healer. Turna’s lack of experience is holding her back and there are some things that you can’t learn from reading a book.

Turna does have a naughty side, but is seldom seen. When the night comes, however, Turna’s inhibitions are stripped away thanks to the power of the corrupting ring. A hungering desire burns deep between her legs. She wants Marcus’s divine and powerful cudgel and nothing will stop her from getting it. Turna will discover an entirely DIFFERENT type of healing powers as she puts her alchemy skills to the ultimate test. Marcus will be the perfect guinea pig for her “experiments”.