Fight Arena- Jungle (My Hunter is an Idiot)

This is what I see the actual monster fights might look like. With a megaman, or rouge legacy style game play. I image health bars and everything, with double jumps and sword swings.  Perhaps you also loose the first encounter, which is how the lewd scene begins.
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  1. RensiQ
    RensiQ says:

    Another cute Faye and looking badass too!
    Just wondering, for fights against monsters like that Orc, would attacking spots such as the feet, legs, arms or even head hit a weak point perhaps or something of the sort?

    • Mags
      Mags says:

      Probably not, it will more likely just be swinging your sword until you bring him down. I kinda picture the first time you fight its nearly impossible to win. Which will lead to a lewd scene. Then having to go back to town to play the male character bit, which will be more lewd scenes to get power ups for Faye, then you can go back and fight the monster and win. =)


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