Imp Ona

So you'd like to enslave and imp? Don't forget to feed your hell spawn! Just like succubi, a healthy and happy imp will need their owners cum regularly in order to sustain a summoning. It's a BIG responsibility and you should NEVER forget to feed an imp as they get VERY depressed. Don't worry, it will remind you playfully every chance it gets! Hungry little devils! And no mess afterwards! This has been a shortstack public service announcement.
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2 replies
  1. Senpai Grim
    Senpai Grim says:

    Is there ment to be more then 1 post for this? It says only available for $5 Teir and I’ve paid that. Not sure if there is more and I can’t access or what

    • Mags
      Mags says:

      There is not, the pass gets you a higher rez version with no water mark for this one. Did you log in with your patreon credentials?


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