My Hunter Is an Idiot Line Up

Damn, those girls are stacked. We've got our main girl, Faye Sundown, ready to take some monster cock at the players behest. Her loot rat and loyal punching bag character, Minerva, also ready to throw in. The talented yordle like armorsmith, Drea, whose back pain isnt gonna stop her.  Maybe the male protag will get a chance with her? ;) And lastly, that BIG FAT COW TITTIED innkeeper Henrietta, coming to ara ara up the game in the best way.  
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2 replies
  1. RensiQ
    RensiQ says:

    The heroine line up is looking good.
    Faye might be my favorite but damn! Henrietta’s ara ara is definitely going to keep me up at night.
    Can’t wait to see the shortstacks in action too.


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